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New Year is upon us What happened To 2016?

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This year has been eventful, we broke ground for the Luning solar Project


We had ground breaking for the Hawthorne Technology and Industrial Park located on the Hawthorne Ammunition Depot

This ammo-depot-jpgThis Certified Economic Development Site is 16,800 acres and is ready for your business, please call Shelley Hartmann at the Mineral County Economic Development Authority for site visits, or tours  775 945 5896  This exciting new site for private industry to grow is your newest place to bring jobs.


The solar site is finishing up and getting ready for a ribbon cutting, that was a quick project worth over 500 Million to our local economies.   Now the mines are getting ready to open up, Klondex has hired several initial employees, and will be working towards full complement of workers after the first of the year.

Other mines are also in the process of opening up, it will be a great year for Mineral County.

Finally it is Christmas Season, so remember people, the town you shop in is the town you save, so shop small and shop local!!!!small-business-saturdaybuy-localDon’t forget that Real Estate of Reno Sparks is your full service Realty company, I am located in Schurz for your convenience I do come to you, if you have houses, businesses or open land for sale I am you realtor, call me today for an appointment!  Happy Holidays hope to hear from you soon.




Fall in Northern Nevada

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Northern Nevada is blessed to have 4 distinct seasons.   We seldom have to complain that the weather has stayed this way or that for very long.  Fall brings us colors that paint the hills and valleys with a wash of color, it turns our minds to fall chores around our property and more inside endeavors as well.   And Football, don’t forget football.   Go Wolfpack!    Read the rest of this entry »

What’s going on in Western Nevada?

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Donnadonna glazier realtor

Hello there, my name is Donna Glazier.   I  am a certified real estate agent, working for Real Estate of Reno Sparks.  This blog/website will be how I keep  customers old and new informed. I will also use it to showcase our great Northern Nevada region.    This is my chance to talk about the areas I love so much and how to buy your own little piece of Western Nevada.  I sell real estate in 12 of Northern Nevada’s communities, so chances are if you have property you want to sell or buy I already have relationships there.

I am active on the Mineral County Economic Development Authority Board an there are some very exciting things happening in Mineral County!     Such as you ask?  First groundbreaking was for LUNING SOLAR POWER ENERGY CENTER
DONNA @ GROUND BREAKINGThe ground breaking ceremony for Luning Solar was held April 12, 2016 in Luning Nevada.   This 50 MW solar site will serve 49,000 customers belonging to Liberty Electric in California.   This will provide only 25% of their power, but it is a beginning.  The company will be hiring up to 200 workers and construction should begin in earnest before the end of May.    This was a big day for Mineral County.   See some of our board members joining in on the festivities.


As a  board member of the Mineral County Economic Development Authority, we are so excited about this new year and all of the groundbreaking ceremonies we get to celebrate this year.   There are big projects heading to Mineral County, I’m so glad to be a part of it.   Check out our board in the photo above, not everyone is there, but they were in spirit.  We have more to share as they happen.

We have a groundbreaking ceremony coming up the end of June which is for the Hawthorne Technology and Industrial Park.   This 18,000 acre park is the largest certified Economic Development Site in Nevada.   It’s a pretty big deal.    This is part of what is called the Army Re-utilization Manufacturing Support (ARMS) Program.   ARMS is a reuse program that the Army uses to help unused industrial space pay for upkeep of the military base hosting it.   Private industry can access this land via the local Economic Development Office at 775-945-5896

HAWTHORNE T&IPARKCertified Sites Map (2)

This map is preliminary, it defines the different zones.   The greatest opportunity is that anyone wishing to develop or build their business on the Hawthorne Ammunition Depot will have all the land they could want.

Drones are our other big news!   Did you know our state would like to make Hawthorne a Center of Excellence for Drone Testing?    We held the Discover Hawthorne event in December 2015 which was attended by 7 drone companies, we had 32 flights that day which is the largest drone fly in the history of the US!

Hawthorne Speedway Opens Armed Forces Day for the first time in 10 years.   The track is being conditioned and readied by Scott Moderson   This is a public private partnership that will be good for everyone.

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